Privacy Policy

Information we collect and receive

Account and profile information. When you sign up with Plansible, we ask for an e-mail address, a unique username, and a password. We store and use this information in order to allow you to login to the application to access any information to which you have privileges.

Logs. When you interact with the Plansible, we may log information regarding the activity you performed. These logs may contain information such as your Internet Protocol address, the time you performed the action, and a description of the action you attempted to perform.

Activities you send and receive through Plansible. In order to provide you with charts and a workout history, we store a record of all exercises you enter into the system. This includes one or more of the duration, exercise type, number of sets, number of repetitions per set, weight per repetition, and distance, per exercise.

How we use this information

Providing the application’s services. We use this information to allow you to log-in, store and retrieve exercise records, and view analysis of your stored data.

Improvement of Plansible. We use this information internally in order to improve the service we offer. This allows us to better understand your needs so that we can fix product issues, improve the interface, and figure out what features may help you in the future.

Communication. We may use your information in order to contact you. This may include announcements of new application features, security bulletins, support request, or changes to application policy.